About Us

We are driven to empower economic and human possibility for clients, colleagues and communities around the world.

ALLIANZE – is one of the top overseas and domestic recruitment and HR services company in UAE. We have a wide network of candidates that span over South East Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Our motto is to help your company get the best talent for the job, depending on your employment scope and requirements, be it as permanent staff, on contract, or per project basis. We strive towards connecting employers with the top job seekers in various industries from Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and more. Our candidates are screened from a vast pool of applicants, and when we give you staff options, we consider nothing more than quality!


Professionalism: to work according to pre-agreed policies, procedures and processes and focus on long term
success for the clients.

Communication: to maintain open communication with all clients and process partners. Ensure that
expectations are transparent, clearly understood and mutually respected.

Integration: to maintain flexibility in helping the clients in achieving their strategic goals and requirements.

Performance: to ensure that the highest industry standards are met as agreed with the clients and
objectively verified via KPIs

Some Of The Biggest Names Have Lent Us Their Trust.